Alumni Forum

Natolin4Capacity Building Alumni Programme builds upon the 2-month Natolin4Capacity Building training, completed by the civil servants, to prepare them for the demands and challenges of EU accession negotiations.  

Alumni Programme goal is to create a community of highly skilled and knowledgeable Ukrainian civil servants in the EU accession process who act as drivers of Ukraine’s journey towards EU accession and could serve as the core of the Ukrainian Negotiation Team in the future. 

Alumni Programme focuses on providing continuous support to Ukrainian civil servants in the development of the necessary knowledge and skills for EU Accession Negotiations after they finish their education at the College of Europe in Natolin, through regular workshops, seminars, and networking events.  

Programme Goals: 

  1. Strengthening the capacity of Ukrainian civil servants to effectively participate in EU accession negotiations and implement EU-related policies and regulations 
  2. Promoting knowledge sharing and networking among Ukrainian civil servants and with their European counterparts to enhance cooperation and exchange of best practices 
  3. Fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional development among Ukrainian civil servants to improve the quality of public services and governance in Ukraine 
  4. Supporting the integration of EU values and principles into Ukrainian civil service practices and policies 
  5. Encouraging alumni to become ambassadors of EU-Ukraine relations and advocates for Ukraine’s European integration process

Alumni Programme activities include:  

  • hosting online networking events  
  • providing mentorship opportunities  
  • organizing workshops or training sessions  
  • offering professional development resources  
  • facilitating collaborations between alumni  
  • arranging guest speaker events  

Additionally, Alumni Programme provides access to online forum discussion group for participants to connect and share information and resources.