Onsite training-research editions

2-month onsite training-research editions is addressed to Ukrainian civil servants from central public administration bodies working on the issues of European integration. Within the program framework, the College of Europe in Natolin is dedicated to advancing the professional growth of 50 Ukrainian civil servants. The seventh group of participants out of the eighth is currently undergoing training.

This initiative is jointly implemented by the College of Europe in Natolin in cooperation with its key partners – the Government Office for Coordination of European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine, the National Agency of Ukraine for Civil Service, and the Delegation of the EU to Ukraine.

The training program is designed with a view to deepening knowledge and improving the competencies of Ukrainian civil servants supporting Ukraine’s European integration agenda and includes the following elements:

  • knowledge-based workshops covering topics related to the process of European integration, i.a. organization and stages of the accession process, negotiation clusters, management and coordination of the accession process, and policymaking in the EU;  
  • skills-based workshops, which will include, i.a., negotiation skills/techniques, and legal approximation, strengthening capacity for the legal analysis and EU acquis compliance assessment, sharing of EU best practices, as well as soft skills and professional skills critical for civil servants, such as e.g. policy analysis, research writing, etc.;  
  • mentoring sessions and progress reviews with training experts-mentors; 
  • task and project-based training in writing analytical papers, based around a central topic or theme indicated and monitored by the project experts-mentors in consultation with the project partners (You can find a list of issues on which program participants work here Research Areas – Natolin4CB).